Glasgow, Scotland

After landing in Scotland we took a train in to Glasgow and started heading towards the hostel.  It was quite a walk and we almost got lost a few times, but managed to make it without much trouble.  After checking in we promptly fell asleep for 2 hours (if you read the previous post you’ll see why).  After we got up we decided to go check out the city and see what was around.  Since it was already afternoon we decided to stick to the west end area which was where our hostel was located.  We walked through a park and finally reached a free museum which we walked through and looked at the artwork.  They also had models of the types of animals that live in Scotland and that used to live there.  They even had a picture of what some people believed to be a haggis creature:


Actually haggis is made from sheep, but it was still pretty funny.  The one thing I took issue with is that they had a fake haggis creature, but no loch ness monster statue.  A lot of stores did have little loch ness monster statues made of glass though.

The next day we walked in to the city center to see what it was like there.  The first thing we saw was a museum of modern art.  Not my favorite kind of art, but always interesting to see what people interpret as art, including a video of two puppets giving horror movie lines (super creepy) and a sign that generates random sayings.  When we stopped in a mall just to find a place that sold Scotland magnets (I’ve been getting magnets from every country I visit) we ended up in a giant toy store with life size lego statues and a life size giraffe that costed 3,000 Pounds, or about $5,000.

Darth Vader made of Legos

The next day was spent at some more art museums and then a walk in the botanical garden.  Within the garden was a huge greenhouse with plants from all over the world and a miniature rainforest, it was really cool and really warm in some parts, something that I haven’t felt in a while.  We walked around a bit more and got lost looking for some random bridge.  It took us a while to find our way back to the hostel, but we weren’t worried, it was a nice day and we just enjoyed the walk and view.

The entrance to the garden

The next day we considered taking a bus to Edinburgh, but decided that we still had things to see in Glasgow, and it was raining a bit so we figured it would be better to stay there.  I found out later that my friend who is studying in Germany was in Edinburgh at the time, I probably wouldn’t have run in to her or anything, but still a crazy coincidence.  Instead we walked over to the cathedral and looked around for a bit before walking out and going to the necropolis they have behind it.  It was huge and walking around we had a very nice view of the city from the top.  It was strangely calm and tranquil there, not really creepy or anything like that.

Glasgow is a great city and I would recommend it to anyone.  Here are a few more pictures, the rest are on my facebook.

The Cathedral

A random mural in the city. Don't have any idea what it means.


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