First Week In Belfast

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post anything, it’s been a crazy week.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m keeping this blog partially to fulfill some school requirements, but more so so people can see what’s been going on since I’ve been here.

The flight was fairly uneventful, slept most of the way, so we’ll just skip over to when I actually got here.  After dropping my stuff on in my room, which is pretty much like a freshman dorm room, I met up with my Irish contact, Coleman, and the other 3 American students from my group.  We went and picked stuff up then had dinner at a Spanish place that was very good.  Even though we were all very tired Coleman advised us not to go to sleep, but to go out and get a drink so we could see the night life a bit and try to get used to the time change.  So we went a popular pub in the area, watched some soccer (or football as I have to call it now), and drank some Guinness.

The next day we started orientation at Queens, which was interesting enough, but long.  The best part was meeting all of the other exchange students, even though remembering names is pretty tough for me.  But it was great to meet all of the people and a big group of us ended up getting dinner and going out later that night.

At The Bot with some exchange students


The next day was more orientation followed by a bus tour of Belfast where we got to see pretty much all of the city and hear about the history behind it.  We decided to sit on the outside of the double decker bus, which proved to be a bad idea.  Later just my group went on a black cab tour which was a little more interactive and we saw and learned more about the city and even signed the peace wall.  After that we got dropped off at the arena where we watched the Belfast Giants play hockey.  One night we went to the international student center had an Irish meal and did some celtic dancing, which I actually tried to do, despite only knowing Michael Jackson dance moves.  Other than that it’s mostly been classes and just hanging out with people.  My classes are great and so are all the people I’m meeting.  I’ll post some pictures underneath with some captions explaining best I can what they are.

Where the Titanic was built

UFF mural, the gun follows you no matter where you stand.

Statue in the city center

If you want to check out some of the other pictures just e-mail me and I can send them all to you, or just check my facebook.  Thanks guys, write soon.



About wilkemw

I'm studying film in Belfast until June, this blog will keep you updated with what I'm doing and where I've been.
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